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About Our Glass Company in NJ

JDM GLASS CORP started operations in 1976 to service, residential, commercial, industrial and governmental institutions in the tri-state area. We offer quality glass and aluminum products ranging from commercial storefronts, glass enclosures/wall/partitions, shower enclosures, mirrors and glass table tops/kitchen counters and backsplash. We are a family owned and operated business and a market leader in offering numerous designs of durable products that can meet different needs of individuals. 

We take pride in being the leading glass company in NJ with over three decades of experience in helping clients transform their visions into reality. Our qualified and experienced personnel are always committed towards fulfilling the needs of individual clients. Even if you want to use our glass factory to produce customized glass and aluminum designs, we have what it takes to deliver any quantity of materials without much effort. We maintain close ties with manufacturers of different glass and aluminum products making it easy for us to handle any quantity of orders. We even engage them in continuous research and development to enable them to produce aluminum and glass products that meet the specific needs of different individuals.

At JDM GLASS CORP, we are fully committed to helping all our customers transform their dreams into reality. To attain this, we walk every step with our customers to ensure that they get a product that meets their needs and expectations. Our promise is simple; to offer the best products at the best prices within the shortest time. All our products are tested for quality to ensure they last long under normal usage.

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